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» note that here HTML formatting
is rendered but still » it's pre-formatted text so returns and tabs are kept.

the pogo fonts

Pogo supports ISO Latin-1 in the basic i, b and tt text styles and renders code; samp; kbd; dfn; var; cite; em and strong using them appropriately. Pogo's display is too small to display strike; sub; sup and u clearly so all except SUB are dropped and the text is rendered as plain text.

Pogo supports HTML3.2's FONT tag and font sizes 1-7. Big and small are shorthand for font size +2 and font size -2 respectively.

HTML 4.0's

division tags
and span tags would show line breaks for the division but nothing for the span. Pogo does not show the DIV and SPAN tags because they are not very useful without CSS.

(Pogo does respect DIV's alignment though.)

Pogo's SGML parsing is correct (ie there is no linked space after SGML), unlike MSIE's . (There should be a linked space between MSIE's and the .)

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