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pogo W3C Level 1 JavaScript DOM

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First, the issue of having input called "name", "method" and "submit": Hint from BE: "See JSClass.convert for a starting point" (fn/obj are different). Also he says:
>> objDiv = eval(sDivID);
>> changed to
>> objDiv = document.getElementById(sDivID);
> This uses IE DOM instead of W3C DOM. 

The eval is unnecessary and costly, even in IE.  Another IE-only way to 
write this is window[sDivID] or self[sDivID].  This works because in IE, 
document elements induce properties of the window object, named by id 
attribute values.  But don't use any of that, as Georg's post reinforces 
here -- use document.getElementById for cross-browser, 
open-standards-based scripting.

and also...
>> Do the Java Script Objects have the concept of a default property?
>> So in case no property is specified the default one is assumed.
> No, normal JavaScript objects do not have a default property. With 
> client side JavaScript the
>   window.location
> object has
>   href
> as the default property but I am not sure how they implemented that

ECMA specifies a [[DefaultValue]] internal method, called on objects 
when used in expressions that want a primitive type.  SpiderMonkey maps 
this onto JSClass.convert.

Finally, the whole thing in full:

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