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pogo JavaScript redirection

by writing to document.location

Pogo is fine with this.

by writing to window.location

Pogo is fine with this - like IE it redirects on it exactly as if it was location.href

by writing to window.location.pathname

Pogo makes this read-only, which errors the <SCRIPT> if writing is attempted on it. IE does accept writing and redirects on it but doesn't parse the path relative to the old one. Since this method is warned against in JavaScript specs we won't worry too much about changing it.

by writing to window.location.href

Pogo is fine with this.

by calling window.location.assign()

Pogo is fine with this.

by calling window.location.replace()

Pogo is fine with this.

by manipulating top.location (like

Pogo even does this now that window.location is aliased to its .href property and is a pure string :)
JavaScript by pogo