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Robert’s work

2012 ~ now


Mobile Internet systems engineering and design

Job Title: Mobile Systems Engineering Consultant

Always welcome to discuss new ideas, especially about mobile data or satellite communications...

2009 ~ 2012


Mobile web optimisation equipment supplier

Job Title: Director, Value-Added Services Product Management

I was responsible for developing solutions to mobile network operators' unique needs where Bytemobile products could be customised to add even more value for the mobile network operator:

Integrated some of our custom analytics and content-insertion value-added features into the Bytemobile product portfolio for marketing to all our customers.
Worked with a 3rd-party analytics specialist to find out what effects the explosion of smartphone use was having on operators' packet radio networks and to mitigate the threats that were found.
2009 ~ 2011
Designed & prototyped various solutions for web content-insertion and established appropriate partnerships for commercial operations. Applications included operator notifications for billing and promotions, mobile navigation toolbars and adapting Adobe Flash movies to work on iPhones and iPads.

2007 ~ 2009


Wireless Application Protocol technology supplier

Job Title: Open Internet Products Manager

Deepening our Open Internet solution to include audio/video adaptation and streaming, data warehousing and analytics and advertising products.
Openwave Systems Inc acquired WiderWeb Ltd and I continued to manage Content Adaptation development, integration with Integra and deployment in Vodafone EMEA countries and in the US at Sprint.

2006 ~ 2007


Startup mobile network technology supplier

Job Title: Product Marketing Director

I was responsible for developing an accessibility tool for blind web users into a carrier-grade gateway for on-the-fly transcoding of long-tail PC websites, making them fully functional on mobile phones:

Enabled Hutchison 3 UK and Ireland to compete with web'n'walk on all its existing handsets.

2003 ~ 2005

T-Mobile International

Multinational mobile phone operator holding company

Job Title: Senior Internet Services Projects Manager

I was responsible for developing the enabling technologies that deliver Internet services from T-Mobile's international content providers:

Integration of technologies enabling unrestricted world-wide web browsing on smartphones for the web'n'walk product.
Developed the platform to deliver MMS picture and video goal alerts for the UEFA Euro 2004 football tournament.
2003 ~ 2005
Upgrades to all the t-zones portals.

2001 ~ 2003

Pogo Mobile Solutions

Startup smartphone technology developer

Job Title: Head of Mobile Web Technology

I was responsible for developing Pogo's revolutionary mobile phone and web proxy compression technology, which delivered the full web-browsing Internet experience to the PDA-style Pogo mobile phone using 2G GSM networks.

Further developing the Pogo nVoy reference design for the executive business market.
Doubling the already world-beating speed of the Pogo web browser using GPRS.
Production of Pogo for consumer launch in the UK, from proof-of-concept prototype into the shops in just 9 months.

1996 ~ 2001

ICO Global Communications

Startup global mobile satellite network operator

Job Title: Senior System Integration Engineer

I was the technical project manager responsible for worldwide integration of radio and GSM equipment in the original US$5bn ICO satellite system for phone services:

1999 ~ 2000
Test-bed and on-site integration and acceptance testing of the first delivery of ground facilities, managing the technical recovery of NEC's US$1bn Earth station contract following ICO's rescue from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by Craig McCaw.
1998 ~ 1999
Delivered the integration plan for US$40M of end-to-end system integration for service launch (managing the RFP, proposal evaluation and contract negotiation).
1997 ~ 1998
In-factory and on-site commissioning of radio equipment at sites worldwide.
1996 ~ 1999
Planned the integration of radio equipment from three independent supply contracts: (i) ground facilities, (ii) satellites and (iii) phones.

1990 ~ 1996

British Telecommunications plc

Satellite Systems Laboratory
Satellite communications systems consultants

Job Title: Senior Satellite Systems Engineer

I was the mobile satellite systems specialist in a small central team that handled new satellite communication services developments and procurement for the whole of BT. I managed development of most of the BT Aeronautical and Maritime and GSM Cellular product portfolio and the data communication expertise developed in my team also had applications on VSAT and trunk Intelsat links. Major projects included:

Initiating the EU trial of ATM in VSAT multiple access.
Developing the satellite part of the UMTS network architecture in ETSI and the EU Mobile Network project.
Planning SDH carriage over Intelsat.
Planning ISDN extension to BT Inmarsat and VSAT services.
Secondment to KDD R&D Laboratories' Mobile Communications Systems Group in Japan for a joint 6-month BT/KDD study of satellite networking options for 3G networks.
Visiting some of BT's major transport sector clients' operations managers to discuss their pressing communication needs in a technical, rather than marketing, forum.
1991 ~ 1996
Managing a US$2M 5-year project investigating hand-held satellite communications and its integration with terrestrial networks. This was BT's primary means of assessing and creating awareness of the opportunities created by developments such as Iridium, Globalstar, ICO and Teledesic. I provided BT's satellite contributions to 3G mobile systems standards development (IMT-2000 and UMTS) and to Inmarsat's Project 21.
Finding ways to expand thin route capacity to and from small Intelsat signatories.

1985 ~ 1990

Rolls-Royce Goodrich Engine Controls

Manufacturer of aircraft control systems

Job Title: Student Apprentice

A 21-month IET-accredited "thick sandwich" programme working in a
wide range of disciplines covering the whole product life-cycle:

Manufacturing Technology Task Force - a multi-disciplinary Board-level team created to build a highly automated just-in-time manufacturing plant.
Systems Group, software side - supporting the Rolls Royce RB211-524 engine's fly-by-wire control unit software during the Boeing 747-400's flight trials.
Systems Group, electronics side - developed the RB211-524 engine control unit's fault detection hardware.
Work Study, Quality Engineering and Production Control - various aspects of managing manufacture.
Contracts Engineering and Product Support - the major points of contact with customers.



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