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Robert’s skills

Technical project management including technical and financial forecasting, budget control and people management. Experience in making ISO 9000 and project management processes work for both clients and vendors in large and small teams.
System design
Top-level end-to-end system design, enabled by expertise in customer requirements capture, communications and computing hardware, software, modelling, algorithm design and simulation. Development of system architecture and sub-system requirements definition. Contractor management, risk analysis and due diligence. Validation and integration of contractor deliverables and system commissioning.
Familiarity with a wide range of communications, radio, control and IT protocols and techniques: GSM & GPRS cellular, ISDN, TCP/IP, WWW, 3G mobile wireless and satellite systems.
C, C++, OOP and real-time programming techniques. Mission-critical software verification methods. Program for Windows, Unix, HTML4/JavaScript and email user interfaces and embedded systems.
Electronic hardware
Digital circuit design, ASIC design, analogue design below 1MHz, RF measurements and design for manufacture.
Proficient spoken French and basic spoken Japanese.
Full clean European driving licence.

I am a member of the IEE and the IEEE and am registered with The Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer.



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