Dr Rob Finean

Mobile Systems Engineer

United Kingdom
printed curriculum vitae

I am a chartered systems engineer with 15 years experience in the aerospace industry and years designing mobile communications services and technology and managing their implementation worldwide. I have Masters and Doctorate degrees in Electronic Engineering and Satellite Communications and I manage both outsourcing to multiple international contractors and agile development in close-knit teams.

  • I led Pogo's award-winning mobile web browser development, which our startup took from proof-of-concept prototype in 2001 to product launch in just nine months.
  • I led T-Mobile's web'n'walk launch in 2005 to let smartphone customers out of the "walled garden" into the real Internet.
  • In 2006 I put in the content adaptation infrastructure that allowed 3 to catch up with web'n'walk and offer the real Internet on all their customers' phones. Over the next few years I rolled the service out to markets in 4 continents where Apple's new iPhone (2007) was either exclusive to one competitor's network or just too expensive for people to afford.
  • I still develop interesting and useful mobile Internet applications and always welcome a chat with anyone about this, please send me an email.

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